Access Control Systems Keep Sensitive Materials Safe

Access control helps you know who has access to what areas of your business.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are an excellent way to control access to various areas throughout your premises. Whether you have one door or 1,000 doors, we can help you keep sensitive material safe. Your new access control system will allow you to control which employees and visitors have access privileges to key areas of your business. Our access control systems allow you to do one or more of the following:

  • Control access of specific doors for individual card holders,
  • Control the locking and unlocking of your doors remotely,
  • Trigger the opening of a gate controller or other automated doors,
  • Record entry and exit times of your employees,
  • Interface your access control system with your burglar alarm or camera system to trigger specific events,
  • Set times for your doors to automatically lock or unlock.

Additionally, your system will consist of one or more of the following devices:

  • Software to allow you to program your system to meet your desires
  • Control panel used to interface your devices with your computer
  • A reader used to read cards or key fobs
  • Maglock or door strike used to lock your doors
  • Egress motion (also known as exit motion) that ties into the main access control panel to allow free egress (exit) out of a locked area as required by code
  • Egress button as a second device used to allow egress out of a locked area
  • Door contacts used to monitor the open/close status of a door
  • Proper signage as required by code

If your business needs quality access controls to limit access to certain areas and secure all your assets, Wilson Security Concepts is the one to call. Our strong history in commercial security allows us to customize the security system for you. Whether you have an office attached to a warehouse or are a multi-floor skyscraper with different requirements per floor, we’ll analyze your needs and recommend the access control system that best suits your needs. Plus, our monitoring solutions keep you in the know when a security breach happens.

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