Security Monitoring for Home and Business

WSC has 24x7 manned monitoring capabilities. If an event is triggered, we have your back.

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Our wide selection of conventional, addressable or wireless alarm systems will provide you with a custom security system to meet your specific needs. Benefit from working with Wilson Security Concepts through one or more of the following devices:

  • Door sensors to monitor the status of any door or window of your residence or business
  • Motion detectors to add an extra level of security to detect movement in a specific area or room
  • Glass break detectors designed to detect glass breakage, triggering an alarm before an intruder has the opportunity to enter the premises
  • Hold-up buttons allowing you to send a silent alarm to our central station
  • Panic buttons generally used to trigger a siren to alert everyone of potential danger while scaring off the intruder
  • Photo electric beams ideal for outside perimeter protection or warehouse applications
  • Vibration sensors used to detect vibration from the drilling of safes or any act causing vibration
  • Siren and strobes designed to generate a local audible/visual notification
  • Radio or cellular back-up to serve as a secondary means of transmitting signals in the event of a phone line failure
  • Battery back-up to allow your system to continue to function in the event of a power failure

The devices listed above are just a few of many detection devices available to address any security concern at home or work. Wilson Security Concepts understands that no matter where you are, your home and business need protection from would-be criminals. Our trained security professionals at our central station are ready to respond around the clock. Relax. Wilson Security Concepts is on the job.

Contact us today to schedule an on-site appointment to review your security needs and to discuss how our 24/7 monitoring services deliver peace of mind. In Houston and across Texas, residents and business owners trust us with their security systems.